Mizuna based salads

This is one of a wide range of mizuna based salads. The mizuna give‎s the salad a fresh crunchiness that works beautifully with something sweet like fruit or roasted beetroot and brings back the summer.
The recipe:
  • ‎mizuna leaves
  • papaya – you can also use rock melon, or oven-baked beetroot or pumpkin,
  • dried tomatoes
  • goat’s cheese
  • mixed nuts

Thoroughly wash the mizuna leaves and remove the long end of the stem‎, the part without the leaves. Cut in small pieces. Arrange on a plate.

Peel, clean and cut the papaya and add to the mizuna.
Add (oven) dried tomatoes and broken pieces of fresh goat’s cheese.
Finish with mixed nuts (walnuts, macadamias, pecans, almonds…). They are best if you slightly roast them in a dry pan.
Make a dressing by mixing balsamic vinegar (1/4) and olive oil (3/4) with a finely minced clove of garlic. Season with salt and pepper. If required add a pinch of sugar.
Drizzle salad with the dressing and enjoy.