Get involved

get involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved and support Mort Bay Community Garden.

Ways our local community can help

Donate kitchen scraps

Members and local residents can help by giving your green kitchen scraps for composting. Please follow these guidelines

Make a financial donation

Donations to the Mort Bay Community Garden Association are welcome and appreciated. They help us pay for everything from seeds and soil to tools and watering cans.

Ways for members to get involved

There are several activities that are crucial to keep the garden running and looking fabulous. Help out with one (or more!). It’s a great way to meet other members, learn new things or contribute your expertise. Guidance and support is always available from experienced members.

Working bees

Working bees provide a chance to get your hands dirty, have a yarn with fellow gardeners over the raised beds and take home produce. They are usually held on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, starting between 8am and 9am depending on the season – check our calendar, or contact us for details. Bees usually run till 11am, and we usually share a plate and a cuppa after in the picnic area. Members are welcome to come early or late, and for as little or as long as they like.

Garden Talks

Once a month we come together in the garden (weather permitting) to share knowledge, discuss a future projects and, perhaps most importantly, what veggies to grow! All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. By attending you can have your say and help make decisions about the running of the garden. See our garden calendar.

Garden Care Roster

Help keep the garden in shape by putting your name down on our garden care roster. Tasks can also include pest control, pruning and compost care.

Bush Bats – native garden care

Learn about native plants and invasive species while helping care for the bushland in the garden.


We invite members and local residents to contribute their green kitchen waste to our composting system. It’s a fabulous way to recycle your scraps into something that will help us grow veggies!

We have a series of bins labelled with signs that will tell you which you can add to and what can and can’t be added. As with most compost systems, it is very important that certain types of waste are NOT added to our bins.


meat or bones, cooked food, coffee pods, citrus, nappies, dog or cat waste, thick cardboard, dairy products, bread, fats, plastics or plastic bags or bio-degradable plastic bags (these bags take too long to breakdown).


fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, garden clippings (no eucalyptus leaves or big branches).

Site management

There are always things to do to help keep our garden in tiptop condition, including general repairs, shed tidying, grass to mow and mulch to spread.