Level 2 Water Restrictions: Watering guide



  • The beds with red signage are fallow. They only get watered on working bees to keep the soil alive
  • We aim for watering being done at least twice per week for all planted beds
  • Only water the garden before 10 am or after 4 pm
  1. Water the strawberry beds: turn on the distribution tap with the hose already connected and run for 15 minutes (we cannot do this for longer, so set an alarm on your phone.)
  2. Water the planted beds using watering cans

Run a hose with a trigger nozzle to the bed you want to water. Place two cans in the bed using them in turns, watering with one while filling up the other. Move the empty cans and the hose to the next bed

Apply 3 watering cans per large bed, 1 for centre beds, orange beds and beds at the fence right-hand side of the tap shed

Apply water around the stems of the plants. If necessary, temporarily pull back mulch around stems

3. Record the beds you watered (using their colour and number) in the watering diary in the tap shed

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