Chilli Coriander Jam


Here is Susan Hamilton’s recipe for the lovely jam she brought to the open day.

Makes approx. 1.5 litres (6 cups)


8 large tomatoes (approx. 2kg), cored

2/3 cup (160ml) olive oil

10 cloves garlic, peeled

1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger

10 small fresh red Thai chillis, stems removed

2 tablespoons cumin seeds

2 tablespoons black mustard seeds

2/3 cup (180ml) red wine vinegar

¼ cup (60ml) fish sauce

1 ¼ cups (335g) palm sugar, chopped (or raw sugar or I have also used brown sugar)

1 tablespoon ground turmeric

1/2 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves and roots (usually I don’t use the roots)


Rub tomatoes with olive oil; place on a roasting pan and cook in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes or until soft, but not coloured.

Blend or process garlic, ginger, chillis and seeds until chopped and well combined. Transfer mixture to a large heavy-based saucepan, add tomato, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar and turmeric; simmer, uncovered, about 2 hours or until thick.

Blend or process, in batches, until combined but still textured. Return to heat for 5 minutes or until hot; stir in the chopped coriander. Spoon into hot sterilised jars; seal while hot.

Refrigerate after opening.