Amaranth family

Botanical name:


Features of the amaranths:

Amaranths are a family of plants that grow widespread from the tropics to the cool temperate regions. Most plants in this family are fairly hardy herbs or small shrubs that tolerate salty soil and drought conditions quite well.

They are branching, broad-leaved plants with often egg shaped or rhombic leaves. The leaves are usually green or red, have prominent veins and long stems. While some are grown for seeds, most of them are cultivated for their leaves, thick stems and taproots. Amaranths are grown as annuals, harvested after one growing season.

Species we grow:

Spinach, beetroot, rainbow chard and silver beet.

Other common plants in this family:

Familiar species grown for food like quinoa, fodder beets and sugar beets and some decorative garden flowers like love-lies-bleeding or tassel flower and celosia.