Transverse ladybird

transverse-ladybird_webIf we think of beetles the picture of a ladybird is very often the first thing that comes into our mind. The funny little red or orange beetles with black dots are frequent visitors to our gardens and usually people don’t mind them and find them rather cute. Some people find they bring luck.

Some pests in ours garden, aphids, mealybugs and scale insects don’t like ladybirds at all. They are the favorite diet of the helpful dotted beetle. Up to 5000 aphids will be eaten by just one single ladybird during it’s lifetime.

The transverse ladybird is native to India, Southeast Asia and Australia. It is a red half spherical beetle about 6mm in diameter. It’s black dots are so big, that they flow together in 2 or 3 wave-like lines on each wing.

A very welcome friend indeed.