MBCG’s recipe for homemade seedraising and potting mix


We use a light and airy, slightly fertilised mix to germinate seeds and to raise seedlings after transplanting.

One batch will fill the green container under the shelf in the old shed to the rim. You can find all of the ingredients in the old shed.


  • 3 bricks of coconut coir
  • 1 bag of well rotten cow manure
  • 6 litres of perlite


  • Reconstitute the coir with 14 litres of water in a water tight container. You can use the green container for this. This takes about 20 minutes. Make sure there are no hard and dry bits left.
  • Transfer the reconstituted coir into the big wheelbarrow.
  • Add the other ingredients.
  • Using a shovel to mix thoroughly until no brown bits can be seen. Also make sure there are no chunky bits left in the mix.
  • Store in the green container, with the lid on.