mapgieMembers of our resident flock of magpies are a common sight in our garden. Adults and young birds can be seen walking around on the ground inspecting our beds. With their piebald plumage they are easy to identify. One of the most accomplished Australian songbirds they entertain us with their beautiful calls, sometimes even mimicking other birds. Magpies are infamous to show an aggressive swooping behaviour in their breading season in early Spring, but so far our local flock behaved decently.

Magpies are omnivores. They are as interested in our figs as we are, so we better net the trees to get our share. Magpies are preying on our earthworms, but our soil has earthworms in abundance. While preying on the worms they also eat and reduce the curl grubs. We are very thankful for that.

Magpies eat all sorts of insects and they certainly don’t distinguish between what insect is beneficial and non beneficial for the garden. Helping us by taking out a considerable amount of bugs, snails and slugs, grubs and caterpillars and the occasional mouse they are very welcome residents.