Green plant hopper

green-plant-hopper_webAbout 15 mm small and shaped like a bright green triangle green plant hoppers are very well disguised as a leaf. Most often you will only realise they are around when they hop long distances to escape after being disturbed.

A member of the bug family they are a pest sucking on the plant’s sap. The usual count of green plant hoppers that are around in our garden doesn’t do too much damage. Birds and spiders prey on them.

Plant hoppers are known to transmit phytoplasmas though, a type of bacteria that can seriously affect plants. Up to now we haven’t seen any signs of infections in our garden. In case signs of phytoplasma infections occur all plant hopper species will need to be controlled.

Green plant hoppers can be reduced by all treatments that affect sucking pests, like horticultural soap and white oil.