Fungus eating ladybird

fungus-eating-ladybird_webThe fungus eating ladybird does as it’s name says: it feeds on fungi. It’s not actually looking for mushrooms – mould and mildew are what the little beetle is after.

This native Australian ladybird is about 5 mm long and shows bright yellow dots that look square-ish and somehow frayed.  Its larvae is about 10 mm long, creme coloured with two rows of dots on its back. The larvae eats mildew as well.

Both larvae and adult ladybird are very active animals. If disturbed they fly away or drop to the ground to escape.

Even though they prey on fungi they will never be able to contain an infection. They may actually make it worse by transmitting spores that cling to their body while buzzing between plants.

Nonetheless they are welcome vistors, because they are a good indicator that there is something wrong and needs attention.