Leeks with sauce Gribiche

A versatile sauce that works well with other greens such as asparagus, beans and artichokes. Ingredients:2 eggs4 tsp capers3 cornichons or small gherkins3-4 tbsp chopped chives and/or tarragon3 tbsp chopped parsley1 tsp Dijon mustard2 tablespoon sherry/red wine vinegar or lemon juice140 ml olive oilPepperSalt Method: Gribiche sauce:Boil the eggs for 10 minutes, refresh, peel, let …

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Onion family

Botanical name Alliaceae, a former family which is now not considered a family anymore but one genus in the family of Amaryllidaceae Features of the onion family   Species we grow Onions, garlic, leeks, garlic chives, society garlic Other common plants in this family