In the garden

Learn more about this beautiful place!

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the tranquility of our garden. Do come down and have a look around.

You’ll often find members busy maintaining the garden’s beauty. Feel free to approach us, we are happy to answer your questions.

We respectfully request that non-members do not harvest produce. If you would like to benefit from our efforts, we encourage you to join. It’s very good value and you get the community for free!

Depending on the seasons, you’ll find a variety of life in the garden.


Discover what is growing in our garden. Find out what makes these plants thrive.  Learn about the challenges we have growing them and how we tackle them. Get inspired by some mouthwatering recipes. Click on the links to explore our plants, from the seed to the plate. [more]

Animals and fungi

Our garden is teeming with creatures, from birds to bugs. Some help us grow crops, others prefer to eat them! Learn how we make the helpers feel at home and discourage the pests. Click on the links to find out what is buzzing around. [more]