Daily garden care


Help us keep our garden in shape by volunteering for the daily watering roster.
As well as watering, tasks can include pest control, pruning and compost care.


Everybody has different and sometimes changing schedules, so there is no obligation to make a regular or frequent commitment to the roster. Members can help as frequently, infrequently, regularly or sporadically as suits them. Every little bit helps.

If you’re new to the roster one of our more experienced members will be happy to show you the ropes.

Ways to sign up

  • On our online roster using the weblink emailed to all members. Please contact us to gain access using the email form on the right.
  • OR  send us your preferred dates using the email form on the right.
  • OR write your name on the paper calendar – this is handed around at all working bees and general meetings.

What do I need to do on my rostered day?

  1. Contact us beforehand for the padlock combination for the sheds.
  2. Sign in when you arrive – there’s a sign-on book hanging inside the door of the tap shed.
  3. Watering the beds is the main task, but if you see something else that needs particular attention, go for it!
    Common tasks include:
    Pest control
    Compost care
  4. Make a note in the diary of what you did so the next person doesn’t double-up on any tasks like pest control or compost turning. You can also note any outstanding jobs that you didn’t have time to do.
  5. Sign out of the workbook.

Signed up but can’t make it on the day?

Find another member to take your place or let us know.