Garden Safely in Viral Times

Gardening is workout.
It will keep us fit physically and mentally. Here is some advice, how to do it safe:

General advice

  • Observe social distancing
  • Do not visit the garden if you feel unwell, have a cold or a fever
  • Wash your hands with soap before you touch your face
  • Don’t visit the garden if you feel vulnerable

Community composting

We are still happy to take your kitchen scraps. Please place them into the compost bin with the green tick

Meetings and Working bees are cancelled

If you feel the need to discuss a matter don’t hesitate to let us know by email

Working in the Garden

  • Use the Garden Care Roster to tell us when you would like to come
  • No ad hoc meetings of groups in the garden, please. No more than two people working together.
  • Every Monday we publish a list of tasks in an email and printed out in the tap shed as a guide to what you can do to help our garden flourish
  • Before you do something, look in the Garden Journal in the tap shed, so jobs don’t get done twice
  • Please document the jobs that you have done and issues you found in the Garden Journal in the tap shed

Do not introduce disinfectant to our garden

  • A bottle of liquid soap is available in the tap shed. Please use it to wash your hands if you need to touch your face
  • Please don’t use the soap to wash any tools