Native Foods

On our last general meeting we looked into options to make our garden more drought tolerant. Planting more native species was one of the suggestions. At this stage our garden offers Warrigal Greens and Finger Lime.

We asked our members for suggestions and included native plants in the last planning survey. A quarter of our members came up with this plethora of suggestions. We are now shortlisting:

Anise myrtle, Appleberry, Pigweed, Cut-leaf Daisy, Davidson plum, Fiddlehead ferns, Finger lime, llawara plum, Lemon aspen, Lemon Myrtle, Midyim berry, Mountain pepper, Muntries, Murnong yam daisy, Native ginger, Native raspberry rubus, Native Thyme, Old man saltbush, Prickly currant, Riberry, River mint, Sea celery, Strawberry gum, WA Samphire, Walking stick palm, Warrigal greens.

Lots of exciting ideas to investigate.