Jerusalem Artichoke chips

by Betsy Baker

We had a bumper crop of Jerusalem Artichokes from the garden this year, and as they need to be used I began to scour all the cookbooks we had on the subject.. There were soups, salads, and simple roasted ones – we tried them all, but there was one recipe that stood out… chips!


  • Wash and scrub the jerusalem artichokes well (no need to peel them),
  • shave into thin slices
  • soak for 24 hours in salted water, then drain wel
  • put into a dehydrator .. (you can fry them in oil, but using a dehydrator seemed the healthier option and I had tried it with great success activating almonds so why not?)

It worked! It took about 8 hours in a 70c dehydrator (or you could use an oven)

Next time I might try soaking them in a vinegar for added flavour. The texture is good and almost feels like you are eating something that could be considered very naughty!