At the May Garden talk, we discussed the best ways to pick our various types of veggies, and how it effects the health and productivity of the plant. Keep our harvest policy in mind: Only harvest as much as you need for one personal meal!

Consistent harvesting of herbs and veggies keeps plants producing, bad harvesting techniques can weaken the plant:

Beetroot, carrot, fennel: Don’t pick young fresh leaves of the plant, it weakens the plant. Instead of beetroot leaves use rainbow chard. Harvest the entire vegetable, making sure to close the disturbed soil.

Lettuces, all herbs, rocket, leafy greens and kales: Harvest the outer leaves of lettuces and rocket, spinach, silverbeet and rainbow chard, they re-grow from the centre. Don’t just pick the leafy part, it’s hard for the plant to maintain just a useless stem that is even likely to start to rot. Pick the stem as well. If you prefer not to eat stems, remove them from your harvest later and put them into the compost.

Asian greens: Bok choy and pak choy are harvested as an entire plant. Chrysanthemum and mitsuna like a leafy green, taking the outside leaves.

Tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, chili, peppers, cucumber, zucchini, peas and beans: regular picking encourages more flowering and fruiting.