Guide to replenishing a bed

About twice per year, before planting the Spring/Summer and the Autumn/Winter crops, a bed needs to be replenished with organic matter.

1. Harvest and clear the bed, remove the irrigation

2. Check and adjust pH (the acidity of the soil)
Use the pH kit in the shed to assess the soil acidity, test 2 areas (separately) of the bed – from the root level. Find information about ideal pH for the vegetable you are planting in the shed next to the pH kit. Adjust accordingly with lime to raise the pH, with sulphur to lower it, instructions are on the buckets.

2. Add bulk organic matter
– 1 white bucket of compost
– 4 coir bricks, soak in 2 watering cans of water in the black shallow tub
– Cow manure

BrassicasRoot vegLegumesFruitLeafy greens
1 shovelnone½ shovel0.5 shovel2 shovels

3. Add fertiliser and trace elements

BrassicasRoot vegLegumesFruitLeafy greens
Blood & Bone2 handfulsnone1 handful1 handful2 handfuls
Dynamic lifter2 handfuls1 handfulnone1 handful2 handfuls
Rock dust3 handfuls3 handfuls3 handfuls3 handfuls3 handfuls
PhosphorusSee instructions on the bucket
PotassiumSee instructions on the bucket

4. Work into the bed
Dig into the bed no more than 1 spade’s depth, the worms will do the rest
Cover with mulch
Allow the bed to rest for 2 weeks before planting