10 years Mort Bay Community Garden Inc

Our association the Mort Bay Community Garden Inc. was established 7 July 2011. Sadly the global pandemic kept us from celebrating this milestone. The garden was built by the members of the association in the following 12 months and opened 28 July 2012. We are looking forward to celebrate this achievement with all the volunteers, supporters, council workers and politicians that helped to accomplish this and make the initial idea come true.

The idea was born already in July 2010 when an enthusiastic group of neighbours came together and won the support of Mayor Jamie Parker and the administration of Leichhardt council. At this time council didn’t have a policy for community gardens and there was no budget to support community groups establishing a neighbourhood project like a community garden.

All this changed in the following eighteen months. Council developed a policy for gardens on public land in the Leichhardt council area, established grant programs and provided soil and flood surveys. A storm water drainage system was provided and installed. The community garden group incorporated, developed a plan of management and held two public meetings to ensure strong neighbourhood support. In October 2012 the association opened for all interested people to join. A grant was won and the establishment of the garden started.

We are very grateful for the tremendous amount of work done by this early community group, council workers and politicians. They held on to their vision and made it reality and started what is now the thriving garden in our neighbourhood.